158 Craigslist

We hit another of Steve’s favorites with Al’s style parody of The Doors.Check out Ray Manzarek recording at Jerry Harrison’s Sausalito Sound studio youtu.be/Ra5x88C0yQYand the Wisconsin extra long version of the song youtu.be/TpAhFbmXea4Theme Improvised by Anthony RileyCharlie drawn by BobRead more…

156 Hot Rocks Polka

Break out Keith Richards from where ever they store him, because it’s time to discuss the polka from the UHF soundtrack.Thanks to the Weird Al-Phabet Podcast for sharing their a-polka-lypse theme, and Bolonium.“Al-Polka-Lypse Polka” by Richard Taylor of Boloniumwww.youtube.com/boloniumband