004 What’d I Miss?

Big announcements. First, Steve and Charlie will be doing a live podcast recording of We’re All Yankovics at the Tampa Bay Comic Con on Saturday, July 29th at 10:30 AM in room 12. Join us for a discussion of the classic movie: UHF. To lead up to that We’re All Yankovics will now be twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
This week Lin Manuel Miranda also issued a challenge to the world. Donate $10 to Immigrants We Get The Job Done Coalition and then tape yourself singing a lyric from Hamilton. We did that yesterday (check our twitter, instagram, or facebook group to see it, but wanted to talk about Al’s collaborations with Lin. We listen and discuss first Al’s #Ham4All video, then talk about the time he visited Lin for a #Ham4Ham video.
Don’t forget to call our message line at 302 72 WEIRD and leave a voice mail about your favorite Weird Al song or experience!
Theme Improvised by Anthony Riley
Artwork by Bob Kodzis

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